Available in a wide range of chassis sizes and body configurations or, for more specific requirements, commission your own. IBEX are customised at the design stage to create a vehicle without compromise that is truly suited to your needs.


A high strength and very stiff monocoque steel chassis that is hot-dip galvanised to provide long lasting corrosion resistance. The cab forms part of the chassis structure (and rear tub where application) providing occupant rollover protection, with the peripheral frame providing impact protection. Deep chassis sections incorporate internal bracing for additional rigidity. Body panels are a mix of marine grade aluminium alloy and glass fibre composite.

  • 430+bhp V8 petrol with manual or automatic gearbox. 2 speed transfer box with locking or limited slip differential.
  • Repurposed powertrain from your existing fleet (or sourced by us) with used/remanufactured components.
    • 4 or 5 cylinder LR diesel engine with manual or automatic transmission.
    • BMW 6 cylinder 3.0 diesel with manual or automatic transmission.
  • TOP SECRET - IBEX electric coming soon


Options of:

  • Coil springs and dampers.
  • Long travel coil over springs.
  • Air suspension springs and dampers.
  • Panhard rod and radius arms at the front. A-frame and trailing arms at the rear.
  • Panhard rod and radius arms at the front. Watts Linkage and radius arms at the rear.
  • 2 speed transfer gearbox with lockable or limited slip differential
  • Permanent¬†4x4, 6x4 or 6x6

The IBEX Vector winch is a unique centrally mounted winch system that provides instant front and rear winching from a single winch. Accessible from within the cab and kept away from the elements, the winch is secure and dry.

The vehicle profile and approach/departure angles are unaffected.

The mass of the winch is kept ideally located between the axles which means standard suspension can be used unaltered.

A PDF Version of the technical gallery on this page can be downloaded below: